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If you've decided to buy or sell a business, call All Appraisals, INC to learn its real worth. We help small- to-mid-cap business owners find out the true worth of their business. Our team has helped individuals, partnerships, accountants and corporations in northeast Indiana and southern Michigan buy or sell their businesses for the right price.

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4 reasons to get a business valuation

The team at All Appraisals has helped clients buy or sell their businesses for a number of different reasons. You can sell your business due to:

  1. Retirement, family issues or health reasons
  2. Debt or other financial problems
  3. Adding one or multiple shareholders
  4. Estate planning or tax purposes

If you need valuation assistance in buying or selling a business, we can help. If you need assistance buying or purchasing a business, we can help you with that as well. Call or visit our office today to get the business valuation assistance you need.